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Cameras: Zoltan von Köfer, Michael Richard Stuppy, Peter-Paul Altmann & Christian Pulvermüller
Light & Tech: Zoltan von Köfer, Michael Richard Stuppy & Kungfire // www.kungfire.de



Am 13.04.2018 veröffentlicht



• Album: "Smoke On The Mountain"

• Song: "Queen Of The Hill"

• Label: ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records

• Release Date: 18.05.18

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 ROAR! Website: www.roar.gr

• ROAR! on FB:  www.facebook.com/RockofAngels...

• Contact ROAR!: info@roar-records.eu || ar@roar-records.eu

• MICHAEL SCHINKEL'S ETERNAL FLAME Website: www.eternal-flame.de/

• MICHAEL SCHINKEL'S ETERNAL FLAME on FB:   www.facebook.com/MichaelSchinkel


• Third full length album from German Neoclassical Heavy Metal band Eternal Flame, “Smoke On The Mountain” is released by ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records (Monument, Outloud, Gods Of Silence, Mean Streak, Panorama, Volster, Felskinn etc.).

• “Smoke On The Mountain” produced by Michael Schinkel & Helmut Kohlpaintner, Co-Produced by Timothy Touchton

• Recorded at enooma-media musicproduction, Munich

• Mixed by Michael Schinkel, Mastered by Christoph Stickel

• Band Photos by Peter-Paul Altmann

• Album featuring Mark Robert Boals vocals on "Smoke On The Mountain" & "I Believe In This Miracle" and Göran Edman vocals on "Got A Rock N Roll Fever" & "Tease My Love"

• Album artwork and layout created by Gustavo Sazes (Morbid Angel, James LaBrie, Arch Enemy, Firewind, Iced Earth, Exodus, Gus G.)



Michael Schinkel - Vocals & All Guitars

Helmut Kohlpaintner - Keyboards

Thomas Keller - Bass & Backing Vocals

Michael Hencky – Drums



1. Ignition (Intro)

2. Smoke On The Mountain

3. This Is My Life

4. Queen Of The Hill

5. You Can Save Me

6. Whatcha Gonna Do

7. I Believe In This Miracle

8. Got A Rock & Roll Fever

9. Out In The Dark

10. Dreaming

11. Take Me There For A Night

12. Tease My Love

13. Close To The End (Outro)

After the first two albums "Desire" (1998) and "King of the King" (2002) it was the end of Eternal Flame. Michael Schinkel (singer and guitarist) and Helmut Kohlpaintner (keyboard player, bassist) decided to work as composers and producers for other musicians and bands and founded the company "enooma-media musicproduction" in Munich. Again and again they received calls, letters and e-mails from fans, with the request to produce a new Eternal Flame album. It then started in 2012. Helmut Kohlpaintner and Michael Schinkel discussed the project and quickly found partners for lyric writing such as Timothy Touchton (known by lyrics such as "Go for Gold" Olympics in Seoul 1988, "Sail Away" Joe Cocker as well as 11 Top 40 and 3 top 5 hits) The album was created by further guests such as Mark Boals (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen and Ring of Fire) and Göran Edman (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen & John Norum). Other musicians such as Thomas Keller (bass) and Robert Lipp (bass) from past Eternal Flame days as well as the drummer Michael Hencky also shared their know how.


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Ich bin Fotograf & MediaDesigner aus München. Ich biete dir nebst Video, Edit & Compositing auch alle

Bereiche der Menschen- und Charakterfotografie an. Vor und nach meinem Media Design und Film Studium

(2001 abgeschlossen) habe ich lange Jahre beim Film und in der Werbung gearbeitet. Diese Zeit hat mich natürlich stark beeinflusst und meinen Blick dahingehend geschult, nicht nur einfach das Wesentliche hervorzuheben, sondern

auch das vermeintlich Unwesentliche herauszuarbeiten.

Peter-Paul Altmann

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